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Our research staff and support team are dedicated to implanting quality research efforts that contribute to and support evidence-based initiatives, better standardization of care and patient outcomes. One way we do this is to ensure that the work we disseminate exemplifies valid scientific methods and outcomes. Ultimately, research benefits future patients in need of new and better treatments or technologies. It is with those patients in mind that we diligently carry out the work of the Joseph M. Still Research Foundation.

Mission Statement

The Joseph M. Still Research Foundation, Inc. is a not-for-profit, private organization affiliated with the Joseph M. Still Burn Center created with the following purposes:
  • To develop clinical research to improve the care of burn patients
  • To develop educational programs for members of the Burn and Wound Team
  • To provide assistance and teaching in burn care to under-developed countries, in response to burn disasters in particular
  • To disseminate new knowledge in epidemiology and management of burn-associated injuries and wounds
For more information about research studies at the Joseph M. Still Research Foundation:

Joseph M. Still Research Foundation, Inc

3675 J. Dewey Gray Circle, Suite 200-B
Augusta, GA 30909
Ph. 706.364.2966  Fax: 706.364.2878